Why I Love to Draw

3t Vakil (Miss Tree)
4 min readSep 22
‘Everything Everwhere All Over All At Once’ — Color pencil on paper by the author

Drawing has been more than just a hobby for as long as I can remember; it has been an integral aspect of my identity, a communication between my inner world and the world around me. While other people find consolation in music, literature, or outdoor hobbies, I find it in the delicate glide of a pencil on paper, brush on canvas, where lines and colors combine to form their own universe. Drawing has a special place in my heart for a variety of reasons, ranging from its healing properties to its ability to make the ethereal physical.

One of the main reasons I enjoy drawing is the emotional release it provides. Drawing, like nonverbal therapy, gives a secure area for me to express myself without judgment. Whether I’m experiencing moments of ecstasy or navigating a maze of fears, drawing or writing down my feelings helps me analyze, comprehend, and, finally, come to grips with them. Each line stroke or layering of colors acts as an emotional dialect, allowing for a silent but powerful interaction with myself.

Eye On the Rainforest #7 - pencil and acrylic paint on canvas, by the author

Preparing for the arrival of the muse is akin to preparing for a cherished guest; it’s an act steeped in ritual and intentionality. I begin by sharpening my pencils to a fine point, each twist of the sharpener echoing the focus I am seeking to attain. A blade slicing the wood to reveal the sharp edge of graphite or color pencil, a sharpness that, in my mind’s eye, is already making its definitive stroke on paper or canvas. A neat workspace is crucial, so I tidy my drawing table, removing distractions and organizing my tools to have them within arm’s reach. The space around me needs to be as uncluttered as the blank canvas that awaits my strokes, a physical manifestation of the mental clarity I aim for.

In addition, I have an ample supply of Earl Grey tea on hand! The relaxing perfume of bergamot, along with the warm embrace of the (bone-china) cup in my hands, acts as both muse and companion. With each preparatory step, I’m not just making my external environment ready; I’m also setting the internal stage, making room for inspiration to flow freely and unencumbered.

Drawing is the act of making something from nothing. Watching a blank canvas or…

3t Vakil (Miss Tree)

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